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Kõik ilutulestikutehased Liuyangis ja Jiangxis naasevad tööle alates 1. septembrist

Aeg: 2023-09-11 Tabamused: 45

Workers are back to work for bunches of orders -- domestic orders need to be finished by December / January before Chinese New Year, and all foreign orders need to be finished by Chinese New Year. Some of the later confirmed foreign orders may be finished later, till April or May, 2024.  

As to the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou (date from Sep, 23th to Oct, 8th), it may cause break for fireworks factories, but not very sure.

We are Liuyang Guandu Fireworks Factory, we just had a safety production meeting before factory re open to directors and technicians, and to workers for hazard class of 1.1-1, 1.1-2 and 1.3, they are having safety meeting from Aug 30 to Aug 31. 

All Chinese factories capacity in the fireworks industry are strongly influenced by the domestic market demanding and high pricing since the end of 2022. No matter the small items and big items (big cakes and display shells) orders making are slower than normal years, as about 50% of factories capacity are occupied by domestic market.